STEMconnector’s What’s Working?
Member Practices in Building a Diverse and Sustainable STEM Workforce

The driving force of STEMconnector’s value is our cross-sector network of passionate leaders who are dedicated to building a diverse and sustainable STEM workforce. Whether industry, nonprofit, or postsecondary, our members understand that no one sector has a monopoly, and that collaboration across boardrooms, classrooms, and communities is key. By sharing the initiatives, collaborations, and general best practices happening across our network, we hope to learn from each other and continue to grow and scale our progress. 

Building and sustaining successful programs and initiatives in STEM talent development, whether through working with youth programing, targeting hidden talent pools, or developing the skills of early workforce entrants from overlooked communities, requires patience, drive, and long-term thinking. This reference guide showcases only the beginning of what we know we can accomplish as a network, and we look forward to continuing to share and learn from each of the organizations we are fortunate enough to work with. Together, we will eliminate the nuanced gaps in STEM talent. 

Members included in the series:

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July 2019

In this webinar you heard from three of our members BP, Tallo and BMX about their successful programs and initiatives in STEM talent development.

– BP discussed their STEM Ambassador Program, a volunteer-led initiative designed to mobilize and empower employees to make meaningful contributions in STEM.
– Tallo presented about their online platform, the Tallo App, that connects talent with opportunities. The Tallo app assists students in designing a career pathway, educators in recruiting top talent to their schools, and employers in developing a stable, continuous talent pipeline.
– BMX shared about the USA BMX Foundation. The non-profit arm of USA BMX is driving an interest in STEM-based learning among thousands of youth to promote the positive virtues of BMX racing through an integrated curriculum combining science education, innovation and creativity, and athletics with an immersive educational experience, cultivating 21st-century skills that can be applied to multiple aspects of college and career development.

August 2019

In this webinar you heard from one of our members Talent Path about their successful programs and initiatives in STEM talent development.

– Talent Path shared the ‘Talent Path Way’– they prepare high-potential early career, career changing and career re-entry talent for opportunities in today’s technology workforce.

September 2019

In this webinar you heard from three of our members Micron, Black & Veatch, and Arlington Independent School District about their successful programs and initiatives in STEM talent development.

– Micron discussed their Girls Going Tech Program, an all-day STEM Education program with the basic goal to help girls see a future for themselves in a STEM profession.
– Black & Veatch explained their NextOpps program, their internal gig platform that connects the business needs with the professionals.
– Arlington Independent School District shared their vision that 100 percent of their students will graduate exceptionally prepared for college, career and citizenship and how they plan to achieve that vision.

October 2019

In this webinar you heard from two of our members, Ford: Next Generation Learning and Verizon about their successful programs and initiatives in STEM talent development.

– Ford: Next Generation Learning discussed how they guide a collaborative network of communities and employers to transform education and talent development systems to improve students outcomes, workforce development and community prosperity.
– Verizon shared how they are closing the digital divide by empowering kids, the challenges, the results and the larger social implications.

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